Savage GreyWorld – an Edge and a Hindrance

Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Savage Worlds uses Edges and Hindrances to add depth and variety to its characters.
The engine being based on a short list of wide skills, using quirks, background characteristics and other assorted details is the only way to make each character truly different and unique.
Also, the system allows for a wide selection of Edges and Hindrances, and therefore it makes it easy for the players to design and create exactly the character they want to play – and make it a character with a certain depth.
Nice and smooth.

As a result, sourcebooks usually offer a wide variety of Edges and Hindrances, to help the characters fit better in the gaming world of choice.
GreyWorld will not be different.
I want advantages and drawbacks to define my characters, but also to add flavor to the setting itself.
And here’s a background edge and a minor hindrance from the upcoming GreyWorld sourcebook.
They are still in Beta version, but we have to start somewhere, right?

. New Background Edge
Army Brat
The character’s family traveled far and wide, following the pater familias and his regiment through camps, barracks and forts, in crowded cities and barren deserts.
The character gets a generic +2 on Common Knowledge checks related to geography, history or social/cultural issues, and on military subjects; also, they may attempt a Smarts-2 Test to communicate at a very basic level in any language not listed on their sheet (in case of critical failure, the Test cannot be repeated for the session).

Note: By very basic we mean single words (food, water, shelter) and phrases (we come in peace, we need help, don’t shoot). Anything more complicated is off limits.

pensive-pose-kevin-lawrence-leveque . New Hindrance
The Colonel’s Spinster Daughter (Minor)
The character is over 25 and, dramatically, there’s no husband in sight; the fact that her entourage is mostly composed of young officers intimidated by her father does not help at all.
She’s the subject of unending gossip among society ladies and officers’ wives, and well-meaning aunts will constantly try and arrange for her to meet the right young man (usually, terribly boring individuals with the charm of a mossy rock). This gives the character a -2 on Charisma when dealing with the members of her own social group, class or caste, and makes her sometimes desperate for a way out.

Right now, there’s two things I’m planning

  • a male equivalent for the Colonel’s Daughter hindrance

  • an Eccentric Spinster Aunt edge to automatically replace the Colonel’s Daughter hindrance as soon as the character hits 40 years of age. Age has, after all, its perks. Yes, I like spinsters.

As I said both of these – that were suggested to me by my friend Claire – are still in Beta.
Suggestions and opinions are welcome.

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