LARPing and Savage Worlds (or vice-versa)


Yes, different like THIS!

One of the things I’m looking into as I put together tons of stuff for GreyWorld1, I’m also thinking in terms of LARP.
One of the tag-lines we joked about, as we were discussing the original pitch of what became (is becoming?) GreyWorld, was

our cosplayers are different

And indeed, considering the huge and highly active steampunk cosplay community, we thought it would be nice to use GreyWorld to

  • promote some new costume and prop styles

  • provide cosplayers with an easy, Savage Worlds-based live action roleplaying system for their dos.

But here I face two problems.


Or, indeedy, different like THIS!

Problem #1 – there is no Savage Worlds-based set of LARP rules that I know of 2

Problem #2 – I’m no larper.
I grew up at the gaming table.
I’ve played a tonne of systems, I gamed in an million settings, but my LARP experience is close to zero.
I have read a number of rules systems – the World of Darkness LARP rules, Cthulhu Live and the Passion Play rules for the Fading Suns setting, and there were LARP guidelines for Castle Falkenstein in the original handbooks.
And I have a general idea of the dynamics, having played as an extra or NPC in a pair of convention games.

But I can’t claim any hands-on experience setting up, running or refereeing (?) a LARP game.

Or, most certainly, like THIS!

Or, most certainly, like THIS!

So I feel rather inadequate.
And while a GreyWorld LARP is not my top priority, I still think it would be a nice addition to the handbook.
The look of our game will be one of the winning factors – and I love the visuals I’m collecting as references.
Ergo, I think that GreyWorld cosplays would be just gorgeous.
And I still love the idea of GreyWorld cosplayers playing GreyWorld live3, so here I am putting down snippets of guidelines, stuff like suggesting the use of playing cards instead of dice, etc.

I found some great resources – such as Shoshana Kessock’s indispensible Larp Reading List.
I’m learning.

Which is where I’d like to get suggestions and pointers from the readers out there.

Consider I am a LARP beginner.
Where do I start?
What do I absolutely need to read?
What am I missing?

Thanks for your help, folks.

  1. a lot of stuff will be cut, deleted, saved for later or posted as web-extra. 
  2. and I can se why – the SW system is oriented to tabletop gaming 
  3. And at the table. And over the web with Skype or whatever. I want everybody to play this baby! 
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6 thoughts on “LARPing and Savage Worlds (or vice-versa)

  1. CorsaroNero

    I not a hard LARP player myself, but when I looked for the first time to SW system, I thought it was one of the easiest to convert into LARP rules…I mean, instead of having very different numbers for skills for examples, It has fixed values (d4,d6,d8 etc) that can be easily converted into a scale from 1-5. When you use that ability (let’s say “Stealth) you just use a conventional sign with your hand
    -I.e. you could cover your face with your hand and use the fingers to show how much you put on that skill…
    For weapon damage it could work just the same; usually in LARP you declare the damage your weapon does by telling(actually screaming) it to your enemy; it is just a matter of setting the values for weapon and adapting the spells..
    But anyway I think SW is one of the easiest sistems to adapt to LARP


    • Yes, I was thinking about converting die-tipe to a rank of some kind.
      I like the part about hand gestures, which might help making it all more theatrical.
      Thanks for the suggestions!


  2. tirellimatteo79

    As a player, and as a Game Master, of LARP events, I would recommend you this: try a couple of them as a player, not as an extra. If you play actively, you have a completely different perception respect to an extra.
    And, if you have the opportunity, contact one or more clubs, or associations, that organize such events and ask to consult their rulebooks. Most of the events in which I participated exploited homemade rules, the result of direct experiences.



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