The first GreyWorld Scenario is finished

gazetteer_V19_pg218The Snow Ball Caper scenario is finished, and it will be published in Italian soon-ish1.

Being a preview of GreyWorld without a GreyWorld sourcebook for reference, I had to put together something that any keeper can play using only the Savage Worlds basic handbook, and without an overlong explanation of a whole big, new, different world.

So, The Snow Ball Caper is a rather generic steampunk scenario – apart from the Indian setting and the presence of a few elements that will be featured heavily in the setting proper.
One of the pregen player characters is a Neanderthal hunter, for instance, and another is an investigator for the Society for Psichic Research.

The scenario is so loose it’s actually a kit to build a scenario or five, depending on the keeper’s inlinations and choices.
It features a venue, a selection of short text excerpts for color and to be used as handouts, six NPCs and a host of extras, six pregen characters, a timeline of events and a selection of options – some based on the NPCs, some on the PCs, some general.
Ample opportunity is provided for social interaction and roleplaying – and then there’s a bit of action to keep the players happy.

At this point, hopefully, the game keeper will just pick and mix according to personal tastes and interests, and let the team have fun.
Everything is possible, from a bit of boar hunting (a-horse, with spears!) to a full-fledged revolt of the palace guards and an attempted coup.

It will be fun.

  1. I’ll have to check for the English version – it’s something I’d like to make available as soon as possible to my readers, but there’s a lot of legalese involved. 
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4 thoughts on “The first GreyWorld Scenario is finished

  1. So interesting!
    Just thinking it will be live soon is raising great expectations!
    Can’t wait to experience this scenario!


  2. I hope to get the opportunity to play the demo in the forthcoming Modena event 🙂



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