Come see the Elephant in Modena

PATC_VOLANTINO_WEB_2-281x300Over the next weekend (on the 11th and 12th) I’ll be in Modena, to play with Savages at the Play gaming festival1.
The Italian Edition of Savage Worlds won the Game of the Year Award 2014, and we get a lot of exposition.
This is good!
Play will be a great opportunity to meet old and new players, and Shane Lacy Hensley will be there with us – which makes the event simply unmissable.

In Modena I will test a chunk of GreyWorld on live gamers.
No, ok, this sounds sick.
Let’s try again…
In Modena, we will publicly playtest the setting for the first time, with a scenario designed just for this special event.
It’s called The Steam Elephant Caper.

Now, for the shock revelation: there is no scenario.

1ftfMeaning, there is no well-written, nicely set, ten page text with stats blocks, suggestions for the keeper, beautiful images and maps.
No nicely printed handouts, no paper minis, no soundtrack.
What I have is a disorganized collection of notes, post-its and scrawls, plus a handful of hand-filled character sheets and assorted ephemera.

Because if the players at the Modena Play will, indeed, have the opportunity of playing GreyWorld for the very first time, I would also like to show them what a scenario and a game world look like while still in development.
A glimpse behind the scenes, if you will.
A look at the gears and pistons.
It will be a fun game, this I think I can promise, but it will also be a rough, gritty playtest session.
The unexpected is likely to happen2.

And I’d like to get the names of all the players that will sit at my table, to properly thank them here online, and then mention their contribution in the final GreyWorld book.

So, what do we have in store, as far as The Steam Elephant Caper is concerned?
That would be telling.
But let’s say I hope for action, adventure, investigation and danger.
Plus a steam elephant.

  1. which reminds me, I still have to get my train ticket. 
  2. and this probably makes it less unexpected, I guess. 
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5 thoughts on “Come see the Elephant in Modena

  1. i,’ll be in Modena too. I hope to come and say hi.


  2. action, adventure, investigation and danger

    Absolutely GREAT! Count me in! Still a week left, can’t wait to be there!:D
    Is there the possibility online to reserve my seat as we did in Lucca?


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