Back from Modena!

PATC_VOLANTINO_WEB_2-281x300I’m back from Modena Play and it’s been a great experience.
As anticipated, only more so.
Meeting the Savages is always a hoot – it’s incredible1 how many swell guys (and gals!) are involved with the game and, more in general, the hobby.

I’ll do more posts this week reporting on the various events and experiences and what not.

For the time being, here’s my top three list of the great things in Modena during the past weekend.

$T2eC16JHJGoE9nuQe(FYBRMSYNys(w~~60_11 . meeting Shane Lacy Hensley!
The man has been an idol for me ever since i bought the Lankhmar boxed set from TSR. And then all the rest.
Now I can say I met Shane, and found out he’s even more awesome in person than I imagined. AND I have an autographed copy of the old Lankhmar sourcebook (waiting for the new one!)

2 . finally playtesting GreyWorld on live gamers!
And what a bunch of great gamers they were! Great fun, lots of ideas, thrills and action, and yes, Charlie’s Steam Angels. Oh, and The Great Plush Ganesha Caper!

3 . meeting a lot of old friends again for the first time…
Because that’s life in the time of the web. And if meeting again people I’ve spent time together in the past is always a pleasure, meeting web-contacts and finally putting together a name, a face and a voice, is always great.

So, all in all, it was great.
But you already knew that, right?

  1. or maybe not, Savage Worlds being, after all, a mighty cool game. 
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