Send in the Freaks!

I’ll start with a picture a lot of you out there are probably familiar with…


Cool, isn’t it?
Well, the good news is, if you can read Italian, you can play this.
And a lot more.

Freak Control unnamedis a science fictional Savage setting written by Danilo Moretti, Maria Mello Rella and Stefano Cestari, and published by GGStudios.
It is a full-color, 192-pages, Explorer Editon-sized paperback.
And it kicks ass.

The premise – it’s the eighties, and individuals with strange, unchecked abilities, codenamed Freaks, are appearing all over the world, causing anomalies and disasters.
Enter the Fo.Re.S.E.E. – the Foundation for the Research and Study of the Extraordinary and the Eccentric.
And the Foundation’s agents: extraordinary men and women from all walks of life, they are all that stands between what you call reality1, and the madness the Freaks can unleash.


… and of course you get to dress the part.

Laid-back, aloha-shirted PIs?
Crack teams of Special Forces gone AWOL?
Rednecks with fast cars?
Fashion-conscious undercover cops?
American ninjas?
That guy with the Swiss Army Knife?
Pro wrestlers?
BMX-riding kids?
Pre-internet era nerds wielding the full power of the 64K RAM of their Atari computers?

This is the eighties, of course you can play one of those!
And get mission instructions from a talking computer called A.L.A.N.
And play campaigns designed as seasons of a 1980s TV series.
Did I mention this setting kicks ass?

Still unconvinced?
OK, I’ll add one extra bit: I am planning a SW campaign based on The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th Dimension, using this setting, and this is working just like a wonder2. This is just how freaking (ah!) good this book is.


It can’t get any more 80s than this.

With its Nagel-inspired cover and so-fluorescent-your-eyes-will-bleed inner graphics, Freak Control is a great fun to play – and to run.
It even features a small 1980s trivia game, to help you get in the mood.
And one can almost imagine the 80s pop soundtrack playing in the background as one reads the handbook – that for all its outrageous looks and wild images is clear, well laid-out and chock-full of great gaming information.
Action-packed, surreal, tongue-in-cheek, Freak Control manages one of the most difficult stunts in the business – it succeeds in being filled with nostalgia without being nostalgic.
Back in those neon-lit days, somebody pointed out that Italians do it betterFreak Control is just one proof of the fact that, thirty years on, they still do3.

  1. or what they called reality in the 1980s, if you can imagine it. 
  2. yes, I might post some campaign notes and stuff, in the future 
  3. that’s why we’re here doing this GreyWorld thing, right? 
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