Savage Capers

It’s 1963.
Tiki bars, the Rat Pack, the jet-set and the Playboy generation, London is beginning to swing.
Girls are beautiful, men are cool.


The future is so bright you gotta wear eyeshades, but you live in the present.
You are the best in the field.
Swindler, cat burglar, cracksman, getaway driver
You are part of an elite in the underworld – the best in the field, or at least you are on the way to be recognized as such.
All you need is that one single big hit.

What’s this?
Well, it’s the product of my passion for caper movies, of my brother’s passion for tiki and lounge, of too little sleep and too much love for Savage Worlds.

We are writing it, and it will be called How to Steal a Million.
Anyone interested?

a8d4e6c22cb56a8e71b3e702b68d3a6fThe idea is developing a small, flexible supplement, covering the caper movies of the sixties.
The Italian Job.
Ocean’s 11.
Seven Golden Men.

Old caper movies are an interest of mine, and I think they make for great inspiration.
The genre – basically a late variation of pulp adventure – flirted with Bond-style spy stories, and often depicted suave anti-heroes preying on assorted scumbags.
The standard game will see a band of mismatched specialists planning and executing a daring hit.
Stealing a Third World dictator’s gold stash.
Cleaning up the bank vaults of some criminal lord.
Lifting the diamonds of some Mafia boss‘ lady.
Recovering the lost hoard of the Nazis.


While the theme is pretty limited (gang of supercool criminals versus impossible odds), the possible variations on the theme are pretty wild – and a 1960s setting comes with a lot of nice extras: the soundtrack, the visuals, exotic locations and strange and yet familiar elements.
A sort of low-tech-hi-tech setting, in which transistors are the wave of the future, and computers run on perforated cards,and some areas of the map are still pretty vague.


When will it be ready?
I don’t know.
Will it be available for free as a Savage Fan setting or will it be a commercial project?
I don’t know.
Will it feature one shot scenarios, a plot-point campaign, a killer cover in the style of Mort Kunstler?
I don’t know.


The only thing I know is, it will be cooler than a stack of refrigerators.
And it will be damn fun.
And also furious, yes, and fast.

Opinions, as usual, welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Savage Capers

  1. Brilliant! I already want it!



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