One-on-one scenarios?

17309Maybe it’s because I’m (also) working on a crime-oriented game, but I’ve been re-reading Max Allan Collins‘ books about Quarry, the amoral hitman whose hits often take an unexpected turn.

And this got me thinking about single-player scenarios.
I played a few – back in the days when me and my brother were the only ones in our circle of friends playing roleplaying games.

There was even a series of AD&D scenarios… they were called Head-to-Head Quests.
I played the Thief’s Challenge scenario1.

And now, as I am re-reading Quarry, I think that a one-shot, one-page scenario about a hitman and his target would be a very simple, easy-to-set-up, fun sort of scenario, that could develop in some fun directions.

cover_bigThe structure of the thing would be pretty simple.

. a general description of the hit
. a detailed description of the place in which the hit will take place, including a timeline of events
. a full detailed sheet for the target
. complications, in the form of other characters
. twists, in the form of plots and counterplots playing behind the scenes
. a time-limit

At this point, it is basically a one-on-one game.
The Keeper and a single player, playing the killer.

114-TheWrongQuarryThe purpose of the game is not mass carnage or big fights, but the setting up and execution of a “clean hit” – ideally a single shot, a single victim, and none the wiser.

Now this is something I think we’ll add to our Savage Capers setting.
A set of simple rules to run one-character hits, heists or con-tricks.
Because while teamwork and complicated, tightly-plotted caper are certainly a cartload of fun, there is a sort of mystique of the lone criminal playing his game in total independence, negotiating the problems and the unexpected twists, and it also makes for great gaming.

Also, this sort of scenario would make for a great add-on for a gang heist campaign… or provide good gaming opportunities for those nights when half the team has something better to do2.

So, looks like our weekend project is growing.
And expanding in new directions.
Boy will this take long to write!

  1. in D&D I normally played a rogue, and more specifically a thief… I blame Fritz Leiber and the Grey Mouser
  2. if you can imagine something better than roleplaying with your friends, that is… 
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