Looking at the Movies – and Blowing’em Up

blowI’m one day late in the update of this blog, but that’s because I was reading.
As a kickstarter backer, I got my copy of Blowing Up the Movies for the new edition of Feng Shui, and boy is it a good thing.

For the uninitiated (where have you been living?!) Feng Shui is the original game of action, kung fu, supernatural and science fiction adventure written by Robin D. Laws. The game was designed exactly to bring to the gaming table the excitement and furious action of Hong Kong movies.
And it does, like, in cartloads.
I reviewed the new edition a while back.

Blowing Up the Movies is a small, stats-free book, in which author Robin D. Laws looks at a selection of action movies (some from Hong Kong, some not) as a way to illustrate game dynamics, and to single out main ideas and themes to be used in a Feng Shui game.

While the book is obviously geared towards Feng Shui, 99% of the material is easily adaptable to any game – because we are not talking stats, but ideas.
And as a to see list works just great – all the best is in here, a few outsiders too, and having read it, I just dug out a pile of old DVDs and VCDs, and spent a few nights enjoying the show.

As both a roleplayer and a film enthusiast, I was absolutely delighted by this book.
It reminded me, in the way it looks at a medium laying it open to be better understood and then plundered for gaming purpose, of another booklet, Ken Hite‘s Nightmares of Mine, for my money one of the best books about horror, and gaming, I ever read.

If you like action in your games, or if you like action movies, I highly recommend you invest a few bucks in Blowing Up the Movies.

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