Pirates and Cthulhu, for cheap

grr1903_452_1024x1024A quick post to point out two excellent offers on the Bundle of Holding website.

The firsta big selection of Freeport material.
For the uninitiated, Freeport is the dark-fantasy, sword & sorcery, pirates-meet-Cthulhu-in-a-D&D-friendly setting by Green Roning Publishing.
And if you ask me what’s so interestinga bout it, you are probably dead, or a player of Magic, the Gathering1.
Interestingly enough, the setting is system-free, and can be easily used both as a stand-alone campaign setting, or as a plug-in for an existing campaign world.

200px-TrailofCthulhucoverThe second – an equally big fat selection of Trail of Cthulhu sourcebooks – and more! There’s even a collection of setting music.
Trail of Cthulhu is the game of lovecraftian horror running on the Gumshoe system, by Pelgrane Press. The sistem is a breeze, and specifically designed for investigation. Ken Hite provides further guarantees of excellency.

As usual, with the Bundle of Holding you get a cartload of gaming excellence for a cheap price, and contribute to a charity.

Go there, take a look around, shell out some cash.

Oh, and yes, I’ll do posts on both these games, in the next few days.

  1. no, ok, it’s a joke, it’s a joke… put down that flamethrower. 
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2 thoughts on “Pirates and Cthulhu, for cheap

  1. Freeport… Gotcha! 😀
    Great setting… C’mon, pirates+Cthulhu+d20 system… It’s perfect! Thanks for pointing out the bundles! 😉
    Oh, what? This? Sorry, I almost forgot…
    *puts down the flamethrower*



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