Savage Artifact – the Black Cube

We were wasting our time, yesterday, watching silly videos on Youtube, and we came up with a silly thing that could really liven-up a Necessary Evil game.

So here you go, courtesy of the Mana Brothers…

The Black Cube

The black cube is… well, a black cube, 5 feet to the size.F33F4FB4-038A-4D19-812B-FAD205821EC4
The surface of the object is a dull, light-absorbing black. If scanned, the cube appears impervious to X-rays. It is cold (about 5 degrees below room temperature) and completely passive.
The cube is bulletproof and has a toughness of 20.
As soon as a character approaches the cube and comes within touching distance, a bright yellow hand design appears on the upper surface, pulsating quietly.

As soon as a character places his hand on the hand silhouette, he will experience a short sharp pain, that will cause his hand to be useless for a turn.
While the character curses and – probably – kicks the cube, the black cube will start to slowly pulsate of the same yellow color of the hand sign, while emitting an increasingly high and unpleasant sound.
After three turns from activation, the cube explodes with a loud BANG!, spreading around its contents…


The Mini-Minions

Selezione_001The cube is a machine that synthesizes a number of synthetic (ah!) humanoids whose sole purpose is to act as minions for the individual that activated the cube, donating his DNA (the pain, remember?) for the process.

The number of mini-minions created by the cube is given by the formula

mini-minions = 3 + roll on the highest Attribute rating of the donor

A character whose highest Attribute is d12 will therefore generate d12+3 mini-minions.

But what are these critters, anyway?
And what can they do?


  • Attributes – d4 in all attributes but Intelligence, that is d4-1

  • Skills – special (see below – Unskilled Labor)

Parry: 4
Pace: 4
Toughness: special (see below – Virtually Indestructible)

Mini-MeCreature Powers

  • Cheerfully crazy – the mini-minions are enthusiasts, constantly babbling and giggling. This gives them (and anyone with them) a -1 to Sneak.

  • Disaster prone – rolls of 1 always result in a critical failure.

  • Literal-minded – mini-minions always carry out orders to the letter… and somehow always understand the orders in the most destructive meaning possible.

  • No comprendo songa la pachanga – something is wrong with the neural wiring of the minions, and they speak with a mix of foreign words, babble and old song lyrics.

  • Proud to Be Your Slave – the minions recognize instantly their Boss, will follow him anywhere and will carry out his orders to the letter. They can find their Boss no matter how distant, and will automatically walk to him when separated from him. They are relentless.

  • Safety in Numbers – while the single mini-minion is a weak, puny, pathetic creature, a group of the creatures acquires a few special skills.
    . 3 or more minions can Taunt with a d10 Skill
    . 3 minions working together get a +1 bonus on their skill test… multiple of 3 get extra bonuses (9 minions working together get a +3… but a roll of 1 is always a catastrophe)
    . and while ineffective in combat, they can always gang up on their enemy…


  • Small – the mini-minions are midget-sized and get a -1 to be hit.

  • Unskilled Labor – each minion has a single skill with a rating of d6; all other skill tests are done as unskilled checks.
    The skills are the same as those possessed by the DNA donor (aka “Boss!”) – should the number of mini-minions exceed the number of skills of the Boss, the extra minions get a skill chosen from the master list by the Keeper.

  • Virtually Indestructible – the mini-minions are hard to hit, and when hit, will remain out of the game for 1d4 turns before popping up again, carrying the signs of their recent experience – blackened and smoking, scratched, bruised and covered in band-aids, glowing from radiation… but ready to pick up the fight again.

But wait!
… where do these creatures come from?
Who created the black cube?
Are the little critters any use?

All this will be uncovered in a forthcoming scenario that will be – probably – featured on the newsletter of the Savage Worlds Italia guys.

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