Mana Bros. & Ultima Forsan

Being the older and uglier of the Mana Brothers, a lot of people usually think I am the brain of the outfit in our joint gaming outings.
But this is not always the case.
One of the happy consequences of long years spent gaming together, and talking about gaming together, is that we work nicely as a team, and we share the credit both for the concepts and the executions.

Italian-language gamers will get a small taste of our working together in this month’s Savage Worlds Italia Newsletter – which contains a short excerpt from the forthcoming La Piada nella Rocca, a scenario for Ultima Forsan.


The scenario is mostly the brainchild of my brother Alessandro, with indispensable input and extra material from Ultima Forsan’s very own Mauro Longo.
And it’s lots of fun, if I do say so myself.

And those that do not read Italian?
Ah, they should either start learning it – it0s a wonderful language – or be patient.
While they wait, hey can go and check out the Ultima Forsan English Edition sampler on DrivethroughRPG…

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