Savage Capers – things get complicated…

Can we screw up our own schedules more than we already screwed them up?

Yes, the Mana Brothers are hard at work on a silly Ultima Forsan spin-off and on our How to Steal A Million – Savage Capers Savage Setting1.
And then we saw this…

And we just said… boy, this looks like sort of an espionage take on our very own Savage Capers, right?
Why don’t we…?

manfromunclelogoAnd so we are doing it – we are putting together a small package featuring a few edges and hindrances, character templates, equipment straight out of the forthcoming Savage capers, then add a few general keeper guidelines for running a Man from U.N.C.L.E. game in Savage Worlds2.

Ultra-cool spies in the 1960s.
As simple as that.

We’ll make it a fan-made, free, quick-and-dirty thing you can download and print and play in a few hours.
We are going to put it all together ultrafast, working on the double, and release it on the 14th of August.
So you’ll be able to go catch the movie, come back home, download the PDF and start gaming on the 15th.
Watch this space.

  1. and, each by himself, we are working on a lot of other gaming stuff.
    And non-gaming stuff.
    We have bills to pay, you see… 
  2. and an enterprising keeper might be able to play the old Mission: Impossible, I Spy and The Avengers, too… and yes, 
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