Introducing the GreyWorld Worldbuilding Resources Page

0daf2c30d5c3ae7bed2af20777eb0be7This is sort-of a post on demand.
We were talking about world-building, a few days back with some friends, and I realized I never put together a serious, reliable and up-todate list of worldbuilding resources.

I have a few one-stop places I dig, a few books I cherish and a few softwares and utilities I normally use, both when designing my games and writing my stories.
So why not share?

So here’s what I am doing: I am setting up a page – you can find it in the menu in the right upper corner of the blog.
It will collect books, ebooks, web-based articles, software and whatnot – only the things I know firsthand and I endorse, because I use them.

I plan on expanding it as we go on, and the comments are open, both on this post and the resources page, for you to add your own suggestions.

I’ll also make a small banner for you people to share my list – because there comes a time when you are creating your world, and you suddenly need some help…

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