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System Agnostic: Dinosaur Hunter


[this is an expanded version of a post from my other blog – Karavansara]

The postman delivered today my Halloween gift1, Steve White’s Dinosaur Hunter, freshly pressed by Osprey Publishing.
Yes, that Osprey Publishing – the one that had me spending extravagant amounts of money on marvelously-illustrated, authoritative books about pirates, samurai, assorted World Wars and what else.

Described as The Ultimate Guide to the Biggest Game, White’s book is basically a handbook for, well, big game hunters interested in bagging themselves a dinosaur.

The book – which comes in a backpack-friendly 200+ pages thick paperback – is essentially the orientation manual for those lucky individuals that have passed the preliminary selection for a Mesozoic hunting license.
Mesozoic Hunting Corporation (C) provides the gear and the means of transportation. Continue reading

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Mars, Revealed

Selezione_002The blog schedule is going to hell in a handbasked – blame it on the summer, blame it on Christmas out of season.
I’ve been spending a few (well, quite a few) hours with the PDF version of Revelations of Mars, the new supplement for Hollow Earth Expeditions, currently the standalone pulp roleplaying game, and one of my special shelf games.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – I am a pulp fan and I have here on my shelf most if not all pulp games, both current and old, and in each one of them I find at least a nugget of awesomeness.
Being a Savage Worlds monkey, Thrilling Tales is my default pulp handbook (and the two Pulp companions are always close at hand), and I did love Whte Wolf’s criminally underrated Adventure!.
Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes? Got that.
The Masterbook Indiana Jones game? Got that too.
And yes, obviously Spirit of the Century.

But right here and now, were I to pick a single pulp game to play for the rest of my life – the ideal desert island pulp rpg would be HEX.
The rules are simple but deep, the artwork is wonderful, and each handbook actually expands the setting, creating a whole new game1.
And now, you can get to Mars, too.

So, what are we talking about? Continue reading

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