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Blowing up the Tropics: Tropicana

Screenshot from 2015-11-29 22:34:14Tropicana, a new savage setting by Mauro Longo and Giuseppe Rotondo has been published by Gramel Games1.
It’s a 100 pages setting handbook, and it is fast, furious and fun as you’d expect from a game with a cover like the one you see here on the right.

This post collects my early impression, after a feverish reading of the book.

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The Enascentia Kickstarter goes live


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Savage Capers – things get complicated…

Can we screw up our own schedules more than we already screwed them up?

Yes, the Mana Brothers are hard at work on a silly Ultima Forsan spin-off and on our How to Steal A Million – Savage Capers Savage Setting1.
And then we saw this…

And we just said… boy, this looks like sort of an espionage take on our very own Savage Capers, right?
Why don’t we…?
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Italians do it better – Ultima Forsan

So now it’s available in English, and you can get it for something like ten bucks.
But what is this Ultima Forsan thing that is bound to sweep the world off its feet after its huge success in Italy?
Is it worth your ten bucks, and your team’s time and die rolls?
Let’s see.


Ultima Forsan is a Savage Setting designed by Mauro Longo and Giuseppe Rotondo.
And here a disclaimer is in order – I know both gentlemen, and have been knowing them for ages.
They are good friends, and Giuseppe is my Guy with the Rules – I play fast and loose when designing scenarios and settings, but he’s always there to set me straight – the man’s knowledge of the Savage Worlds rules and mechanics is staggering.
He’s the Pope of Savage Worlds – I consider him infallible.

So, yes, I like the guys and I like their work, and I’ll be biased.
You have been warned.

Back to Ultima Forsan.
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Italians do it better – Enascentia

I’ve been planning a few posts about the Italian settings for Savage Worlds, and considering the Enescentia kickstarter is about to launch, why not beging with the first Savage setting developed for the Italian market?
It might help a few gamers to go and shell out some cash.


But first, a disclaimer – I know the author of Enascentia, he’s my friend and we both work with Savage Worlds Italia and GGStudios, the publishers of Savage Worlds in our country.
So my opinion will be somewhat biased.
Or maybe not, because, you see… Continue reading

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Enascentia goes International

Enascentia was the first all-Italian Savage Setting – and it’s not fantasy like you used to know.
It came out together with the Italian translation of the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition Rules, and it’s been one of the pillars of Savage Worlds Italia.
Enascentia was with us from day one, and it’s grown stronger and larger and … just more awesome than ever.

Now, it’s time to show to the rest of the world just how good are the Italian Savages.

So, in a few days, a Kickstarter will go live to create an English-language version of Enascentia.
Keep an eye out for the start of the campaign, and get your credit cards ready.
It will be good, very good.


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Mana Bros. & Ultima Forsan

Being the older and uglier of the Mana Brothers, a lot of people usually think I am the brain of the outfit in our joint gaming outings.
But this is not always the case.
One of the happy consequences of long years spent gaming together, and talking about gaming together, is that we work nicely as a team, and we share the credit both for the concepts and the executions.

Italian-language gamers will get a small taste of our working together in this month’s Savage Worlds Italia Newsletter – which contains a short excerpt from the forthcoming La Piada nella Rocca, a scenario for Ultima Forsan.


The scenario is mostly the brainchild of my brother Alessandro, with indispensable input and extra material from Ultima Forsan’s very own Mauro Longo.
And it’s lots of fun, if I do say so myself.

And those that do not read Italian?
Ah, they should either start learning it – it0s a wonderful language – or be patient.
While they wait, hey can go and check out the Ultima Forsan English Edition sampler on DrivethroughRPG…

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Savage Artifact – the Black Cube

We were wasting our time, yesterday, watching silly videos on Youtube, and we came up with a silly thing that could really liven-up a Necessary Evil game.

So here you go, courtesy of the Mana Brothers…

The Black Cube

The black cube is… well, a black cube, 5 feet to the size.F33F4FB4-038A-4D19-812B-FAD205821EC4
The surface of the object is a dull, light-absorbing black. If scanned, the cube appears impervious to X-rays. It is cold (about 5 degrees below room temperature) and completely passive.
The cube is bulletproof and has a toughness of 20.
As soon as a character approaches the cube and comes within touching distance, a bright yellow hand design appears on the upper surface, pulsating quietly.

As soon as a character places his hand on the hand silhouette, he will experience a short sharp pain, that will cause his hand to be useless for a turn.
While the character curses and – probably – kicks the cube, the black cube will start to slowly pulsate of the same yellow color of the hand sign, while emitting an increasingly high and unpleasant sound.
After three turns from activation, the cube explodes with a loud BANG!, spreading around its contents… Continue reading

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The return of a classic


An artifact from a more civilized age is about to come back – and it’s going to be Fast, Furious and Fun!

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Slipstream Inspiration Pinboard

Having mentioned Slipstream in yesterday’s post, I might as well link the Slipstream Inspiration Pinboard I created on Pinterest.

Maybe you’ll find some ideas in there.


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