Steampunk Soldiers – a very short review

613jvjNS0rL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A gorgeously illustrated book, Steampunk Soldiers offers a glimpse of a world that never was, in which primitive cybernetics and retro-tech changed the face of war.

The book presents us with a gallery of uniforms and technological add-ons, from the armies of a very different, and yet familiar 19th century.
Each plate includes a brief description of the unit portrayed, with notes on the main engagements in which it was involved.

The brevity of the notes is possibly the only defect of the book – a meatier text section, giving us a more in-depth look at the world and its politics and history, would have been greatly appreciated. Continue reading

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A shelfload of Victoriana, and a good cause

v3coverA very quick heads-up for steampunk gamers – Bundle of Holding is offering a Victoriana Bundle.

You can get yourselves a full collection of Victoriana, the steampunk fantasy game, including the Third Edition core rulebook, for less than 30 bucks and give to the Ada Initiative, supporting women in open technology and culture.
How neat is that?

And for cheapstakes:  less than 13 bucks will get you the core rulebook and two essential supplements. and still you’ll do some good.

The offer ends in two weeks.

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The first GreyWorld Scenario is finished

gazetteer_V19_pg218The Snow Ball Caper scenario is finished, and it will be published in Italian soon-ish1.

Being a preview of GreyWorld without a GreyWorld sourcebook for reference, I had to put together something that any keeper can play using only the Savage Worlds basic handbook, and without an overlong explanation of a whole big, new, different world.

So, The Snow Ball Caper is a rather generic steampunk scenario – apart from the Indian setting and the presence of a few elements that will be featured heavily in the setting proper.
One of the pregen player characters is a Neanderthal hunter, for instance, and another is an investigator for the Society for Psichic Research. Continue reading

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Introducing… Captain Marmaduke J. Thobias-Simms, esq.

Control-PanelIn writing my Savage setting, I am doing my best to create a book that will be fun to read, and fun to play.
Also, my ambition is to make everything the reader will find on the page, playable, straight away.
To achieve this goal I’m designing a lot of exposition passages as false documents.
In this way, I’ll convey as much information as possible in a distinctive, in-setting, fun (hopefully) voice, and the Keeper will be able to print and use some of the pages of the book as handouts.

So, I’m imagining a number of authors and books from which passages of my handbook will be “excerpted”. Continue reading

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synchroniseA short and sweet post, today!

As part of the events for the Steampunk Hands Across the World 2015 initiative, I’ve been interviewed by the esteemed Raydean… and here you can read the first part of this massive interview – my answers to Raydean’s questions and, much more interesting, the answers from many other great guys and gals in the steampunk community.

Check it out!

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Reading for fun and gaming: Murder Out of the Blue

wotw-clock-small-03Back when I thought and planned about setting up a gaming blog, I planned to have a series of posts called Books that Scream, the bright idea being, I’d review books that would make great inspiration for games.
For scenarios, or as resources, even as handouts.
Like in, books that scream for a gaming adaptation.
Subtle, eh?
OK, I was young.

What follows is the sort of post that I could have published had I set up a gaming blog back then.
And because I set it up now, instead, this series of posts will be called Reading for fun and gaming.

Enjoy. Continue reading

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The Rules of Invention: Red Sands

Space1889CoreRulesI was thumbing through Space 1889: Red Sands last night – the Savage Worlds edition of the classic scientific romance game by Frank Chadwick.

I still have the complete edition that was originally published by GDW, plus three issues of the marvelous Transactions of the Royal Martian Society1.
I always loved Space:1889 – even if it was somewhat strange, for a roleplaying game.
I really hated that NPCs were described by different stats compared with player characters – something probably inherited from wargames.
Fact was, given the level of attrition in my games, the ability to promote a spear-carrier to the role of character would have been very useful.
And yes, the Earth was not developed at all – but after all, it was a planetary romance game. Continue reading

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They say that an end can be a start

The Steampunk Hands Around the World 2015 event is happening right now, and as part of the event, great creative people all over the planet are posting on the web about their steampunk-related activities.


Isn’t it just great that I’m working right now on a steampunk project?
I’ll pretend I’m a great creative person and not just a hack, and do a few posts on the subject of steampunk, creativity and whatnot.

So, for starters, here’s a few ruminations on what I’m doing, and what I’m trying to do, and steampunk in general. I’m improvising this, so I’m not sure where I’m going1.
But that’s part of the fun.
Let’s see… Continue reading

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