1 . Some general info

I started roleplaying in the mid-1980s, and was a game master with the same team for over twenty years.
In 2014, after a relocation and various misadventures, I had to drastically reduce my gaming – while I started writing professionally for the gaming industry.
A strange situation, that still left me missing my nights at the gaming table.
I needed a substitute.
Then, Project GreyWorld came up, and a blog as support for the project sounded like a good idea.
And here we go.

The GreyWorld Blog will collect my ramblings on roleplaying games, my thoughts on Savage Worlds, and assorted notes and ideas as I develop the project.
I’ll also talk about other game systems, settings and stuff.
AND there will be reviews, suggestions, resources… basically anything that comes my way.
Fiction, too, probably.

For the first half of 2015, I’ll stick to a strict schedule:

  • a post on Thuesday, dealing chiefly with Savage Worlds

  • a post on Thursday, dealing with anything else

As the blog evolves, the number of posts will increase – but I think it’s safer to start small, and then grow.

As you can see from the menu up on top of the page, on the right, I’ll also try and do posts-on-demand – if there’s a subject you’d like to see covered, if it connects with my work or my passions, and if you think I can handle it, just post a request.
I’ll try and do my best to reply to all requests, and to write posts accordingly – or admit I can’t!

As I said, this is part of a large project, and it will evolve as things grow and change.
But that’s in the future – I’m still looking into the whole thing – and I’m open to suggestions (just use the comments form below).

2 . Disclosure and Disclaimer

I have been made aware of the fact that a Full Disclosure bit might be in order, so here goes.
Issue 1 – I am currently working with (among others) GGStudio, the Italian publisher of the Savage Worlds line of games; as I think I mentioned, I translated some manuals, and I am a content writer for new material. This might cause some apparent conflict of interests, but that’s just not me. I’ll talk about my work in the spirit of sharing my insights (and my problems!), and when I’ll talk about products or initiatives related to Savage Worlds, I’ll do it because I find the subject interesting, not because my publisher – or anyone else – made any pressure. My reviews will be biased, being mine and reflecting my own opinions and tastes, but will always be honest.

Issue 2 – you will notice that there’s a RPGDrivethru banner in the sidebar, and it is likely that commercial links will appear in the posts. The small income generated from these links helps me balance the administration expenses (like the domain and mapping of the WordPress-hosted blog). It is likely that more commercial options will appear in the future (like an Amazon shop, etc) and who knows, maybe a Patreon campaign. But that’s in the future. As of now, I’d like to make it clear that it is not my habit of selling out – so you can rest assured I will never push on my readers products or services which I do not feel are worth their money or their time.
I hope my commercial links will not offend or displease my readers.


And this is more or less it.
For the time being, thanks for being here.
Have fun!

Davide Mana
January 2015


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