About the GreyWorld Project

The GreyWorld Project aims to develop a science fiction/steampunk setting for the Savage Worlds system.

A number of excellent steampunk and science fictional settings are currently available to roleplayers – based on a number of different engines1.
So we are trying to do something a little different.

The GreyWorld game will feature

  • a self-contained gaming world

  • a coherent back story making steam technology an integral part of the world, not just an extra layer on a familiar reality

  • ample space for exploration and adventuring

  • a wide choice of original characters for the players

  • a variety of gaming styles – action and adventure, intrigue, investigation, social play

  • an original, familiar-yet-different aesthetic, refreshing some steampunk clichés

  • an eye on the more recent developments of the steampunk genre, including cross-cultural and ‘ethnic’ elements

  • a hard science fiction setting – without supernatural, fairies, vampires, werewolves or magic 2

  • a progressive, optimistic outlook

Will we make it?
Well, we think we’ll do.

Watch this space for further information – and read the blog!

  1. Some, if not all, will be discussed in the blog in the next weeks and months, because we are gamers before we are game designers, and we love a good game. 
  2. It’s not that we have anything against those elements – we just think it would be fun to try and do this thing without them. 

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