I used to do this on my old Italian-language blog.
I called it *Fantasy Fiction Piano Bar* – my readers asked for posts on certain subjects (mostly book or game reviews) and if it was up my alley, I tried and complied with the request.

Great fun.
And a great way for me to learn something new, too.

So, here goes – there’s something you’d like for me to discuss, review or ramble about?
Ask away in the comments to this page.
I’ll do my best to do a post on the subject.

Oh, and just in case – comments are filtered on this blog, so don’t worry if you don’t see your request appear straight away below.

So… any request?


4 thoughts on “Post-on-Demand

  1. Paul

    I would like to request a post-on-demand for ‘Calidar, in Stranger Skies’ by Bruce Heard. Thanks:)


  2. Hi Davide! I followed your blog from the very beginning and it is always a pleasure to read your posts. I would like to ask you to write a post-on-demand on the non-Lankhmar production of Fritz Lieber. I know that are other titles apart from Fafhrd and Gray Mouser’s adventure but I would like to have your opinion on them! Thank you!


    • HI, there – an thanks for the comment!
      Quite interesting request – and I love Leiber, so it will be a pleasure… I’ll do a post ASAP.



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