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Steampunk Soldiers – a very short review

613jvjNS0rL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A gorgeously illustrated book, Steampunk Soldiers offers a glimpse of a world that never was, in which primitive cybernetics and retro-tech changed the face of war.

The book presents us with a gallery of uniforms and technological add-ons, from the armies of a very different, and yet familiar 19th century.
Each plate includes a brief description of the unit portrayed, with notes on the main engagements in which it was involved.

The brevity of the notes is possibly the only defect of the book – a meatier text section, giving us a more in-depth look at the world and its politics and history, would have been greatly appreciated. Continue reading

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I’m a guest on the Steampunk Makers Blog!

I’m very proud of the space the Steampunk Makers Blog has kindly provided for a piece of mine on old French “futurist” illustrations and their cultural impact.
The article can be reached by clicking on the image below – and be sure to check out the marvelous photographs the community shared to go with my babbling.
These guys are just great!


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Special Shelf – Etherscope

Etherscope, by Goodman Games,WW17620CoverLarge is one of the steampunk settings on my Special Shelf, and a game I never actually played – I prepared a campaign, I read and re-read the Second Printing Revised rulesbook, but I was never able to get the players around the table long enough to actually properly play it.

And yet, I like it a lot.
The game is set in a transformed 1984, in a world in which the discovery of “Etherspace” (sort of like a parallel dimension than can be tapped through technology) has caused a great leap forward in technology.

The tone of the game is fairly dystopian, but the authors, Nigel McClelland and Ben Redmond, have placed all the right bits on the map. Continue reading

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synchroniseA short and sweet post, today!

As part of the events for the Steampunk Hands Across the World 2015 initiative, I’ve been interviewed by the esteemed Raydean… and here you can read the first part of this massive interview – my answers to Raydean’s questions and, much more interesting, the answers from many other great guys and gals in the steampunk community.

Check it out!

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Reading for fun and gaming: Murder Out of the Blue

wotw-clock-small-03Back when I thought and planned about setting up a gaming blog, I planned to have a series of posts called Books that Scream, the bright idea being, I’d review books that would make great inspiration for games.
For scenarios, or as resources, even as handouts.
Like in, books that scream for a gaming adaptation.
Subtle, eh?
OK, I was young.

What follows is the sort of post that I could have published had I set up a gaming blog back then.
And because I set it up now, instead, this series of posts will be called Reading for fun and gaming.

Enjoy. Continue reading

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